People I’ve treated

 I have been seeing Kate for about 10 months and she has turned my life positivity around.  She is easy to talk to, exceptionally knowledgeable in her field and always available when life seems too dark to tackle alone. I feel I have come along way with her help and am totally converted to homeopathy as a means to ease my anxiety and break down barriers within which I have harbored for years.  Thank you for all your help! (VH)

I have been lucky enough to be treated by Kate on numerous occasions. She is engaged, empathic and has a manner that sets the patient at ease. Over the years that I have visited Kate, I have come to understand the depth of her knowledge and passion for homeopathy and I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a practitioner.(LW)

Kate has helped me on many occasions to tackle the roots of a number of physical ailments with her deep knowledge of homeopathy. Throughout the consultation I’m put at ease by her sensitive and empathic persona and know that I’ll leave having been cared for on a fundamental level.(DG)

It is now many years since I adopted homeopathy as my preferred course of treatment for all ailments, physical and emotional, large and small. I initially was sceptical but I no longer require any further evidence that it brings about not only recovery but also relief and release from symptoms.It addresses the whole picture of the individual and their health. Kate manages to balance the qualities of professionalism with being receptive and confidential. She takes a meticulous approach yet is still warm and open. Kate is able to ask the right questions and come back with a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment without the sense that you have been led in any way.  In the past both myself and the many other people I have recommended her to have been astonished at her level of accuracy but now we just go to her because we know her methods work in a non invasive, gentle but absolute way.If you have never tried homeopathy and I can recommend that you do then I would encourage you to see Kate, as I have with so many of the people I care about including my children. (CG)